How to Become Drug Safety/ Case Processing Expert ?

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Becoming a Drug Safety Associate..

You too can become a drug safety associate…

Drug safety associates are Pharma, Life Science, Nursing or Medical Graduates, who specialize in monitoring the adverse effects of drugs in patients and reporting these effects for review and drug modification. Also known as drug safety associates. 

Some of the known profile in Drug Safety Associate…

  • Drug Safety Associate
  • Pharmacovigilance Associate
  • Case Processing Expert
  • Clinical Safety Scientist
  • Safety Associate
  • Pharmacovigilance Scientist 

Drug safety is one of the most important segment of the drug development, Clinical Research, marketing and continued use of any medication. The people in these roles are responsible for monitoring the safety of the products, with duties including detecting, assessing and preventing adverse events.

The Pharmacovigilance Training  program is an Industry oriented training program. The program provides a thorough understanding of the basic concepts of drug safety and risk management throughout the process of drug development and its life cycle in the open market either as a patent or generic drug. This exposure prepares students to understand and appreciate the various types and grades of Adverse Events.


Students are trained to correlate the Adverse Event with any vital and systemic abnormality resulting from this and understand the causal relation of the drug known as Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR). These further add to the analytical skills needed to differentiate between the progress of the disease and ADR as a signal. This program will focus on the regulatory issues across global governmental agencies like the FDA, EMA, ICH, and others that improve safety.

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