FAQ’s by Pharmacy & Life Science Students in choosing any Clinical Research Institute

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FAQ’s by Pharmacy & Life Science Students in choosing Clinical Research Training Institutes

1)   What is Clinical Research?

A Clinical Research is a systematic study for new drugs in human subjects to generate data for discovering or verifying the Clinical, Pharmacological (including pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetic) or adverse Effects with the objective of determining safety and efficacy of the new drug.

2)   Since Clinical Research deals with Drug Development Process. I’m a Life Science Graduate, am I be eligible to enter into the industry?

Yes you are eligible. People with D.Pharmacy, B.Pharmacy, M. Pharmacy, Pharm D, B.Sc, M.Sc, B.Tech(Biotech), M.Tech(Biotech), MBBS, BDS, BHMS, BAMS, BMS, BPT, Nursing etc are all eligible.

3)   I’m a Pharmacy graduate, can i enter into IT Industry ?

Yes, very much my dear friend. You can work in IT Companies through Clinical Data Management and Pharmacovigilance Domains ​and enjoy the perks like Pick up & drop CAB facility , Saturday’s and Sunday’s(weekend) off,  MNC (Multi National Company) perks(benefits) like Annually ONE month paid leaves, a secure and Safe Desk job, you can go abroad for an onsite project.

4)   What is the program Clini India is Offering ?

Advanced Program in Clinical Research and Management.

5)   What are the Specializations Clini India is Providing ?

  • Clinical Trial Management
  • Clinical Data Management
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Medical Writing
  • Regulatory Affairs.

6)    Where is Clini India Located?

 We are located in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Pune and Nagpur. Soon we are launching in Mumbai.​

7)   What is the duration of the Course ?

Three and a half to four months

8)   Do I need to wait for 4 Months to get Placement Assistance from Clini India

No, Your Placement Activity starts from  2nd Month itself.

9)   Do you provide any Scholarships?

Yes, we do. You can avail the scholarships based on your test and fee waiver will be provided based on your performance.

10) What if I got the job in first month itself, Can i continue the course ?

Yes of course you should. Clini India always believes in learning. So you can continue our course on weekends.

11) I have done my B. Pharm and working as a Medical Representative. I want to shift the career. Can I opt for this course?

Yes, you are eligible. You can opt for this course and you will have better career options from what you have now.

12) I’m working professional; I can’t attend the classes on Weekdays. Do you have alternate option?

Yes, of course. You can opt for course on Weekends. We have weekend batches too.

13)Where does Clini India provide placement assistance?

We provide placement assistance in IT Companies / Pharmaceutical Companies and CRO’s.

14) Who will be faculty at our academy?

We have industry faculty who will be taking up the course for Students .

15) My husband works overseas. After doing this course, will I have equal opportunities there?

Yes, after taking up the course. You can explore the opportunities abroad based on your academic qualifications and skill sets along with couple years of experience.​

16) Can I take single domain training like only Pharmacovigilance ?

We don’t encourage single domain training as all domains are inter linked with each other and also if you take up single domain training you will be entitled to single career options.

17)Which are the geographic locations where I can start my career in Clinical Research Industry?

Hyderabad , Bengaluru, Pune , Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi and Ahmedabad etc

18)What is the basic pay structure for fresher’s in this industry?

It completely depends on your candidature and the company. But for your understanding it will be somewhere around 2 Lakhs – 3 Lakhs per annum.

19)Will I be getting certification after the course ?

Yes, you will be getting the certification after successful completion of course.

20)My native is Hyderabad, as I ‘m fresher I’m ready for relocation but after some years I want to come back to native. Will you help again in securing a job for me?

Yes of course, we will. The association with Clini India is lifelong. So we will also help with experienced opportunities also. Need not to worry.

21)I want to do the course and I’m not looking for corporate opportunities right away, as I can not commit to full time. At the same time I don’t want to be idle. Do you have any solution?

We have solutions for all your answers 🙂 . We will provide you internship options and once you are ready for full time job we will show the corporate opportunities.

22)Sir I’m from Telugu medium background. My English communication is not very fluent, am I eligible of these jobs?

​ We will address your problem. In our course we have included sessions on Communication skills, Presentation skills, Interview skills, Personality development, Resume Development  and most Importantly MOCK INTERVIEWS and also special Orientation​ classes before any company Interviews etc.

23)Do I need to prefer the institutes which are UGC (or) AICTE approved?

AICTE accreditation is meant for technical courses and to that extent you have your degrees from AICTE/ UGC. Academy’s like us are meant to enhance your skills and knowledge which are already embedded in you. So go by the institutions existence, it’s placement record and most important the quality of training.

24)Does recommendations (or) references from any Institutes help me in securing the job ?

No, not at all. For that matter, we don’t believe in this practice. Because there is an old proverb which says “You can take the Horse to the Pond, But you can’t make it to drink” . So reference helps you in some cases to move your candidature further. As at the end of the day you are the one who will take up the interview. We can’t attend the interview on your behalf 🙂

25) Tell me about Clini India Institute?

Clini India is 7 years old institute. We are first and best of its kind of institute in Clinical research domain. Started by seasoned and experienced professionals from Clinical Research industry.

26)  Do I need to choose 3 months (or) 6 months (or) 12 months course of Course ?

Very good question,as most of the institutes confuse students. But here we are insisting you to go ahead with the course duration of minimum of 3 months. So that you can be equipped with the knowledge and skills required to make your career success.

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