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Clinical research is all set to become the next big thing in India. A large population with a substantial workforce and cost benefits influence multinationals to set up research facilities here. Besides due to the prevalence of a large variety of diseases, including widespread cases of cancer and diabetes India is viewed the world over as the ideal location for clinical research trials for the pharmaceutical industry.

Who can be your Employer?

You can be employed by –

Contract Research Organization (CROs)Contract Research Organization (CROs)

IT Companies
Site Management Organization
Wellness Organization etc


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    Clinical Research Career Prospects

    The discipline of Drug Development Clinical Research has created multiple cross functional opportunities in the Industry, namely

    Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC)
    Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety Professional
    Clinical Project Manager
    Clinical Trial Documentation in-charge
    Clinical Research Associate (CRA)
    Medical/Regulatory affairs
    Trial Supplies / Logistics Manager
    Business Development Personnel
    Clinical Data Manager
    Medical Writing Professional
    Bioavailability & Bioequivalence Expert
    Quality Assurance Auditor

    Job Profile

    Clinical Research branches off into various categories at the entry level.

    The most common entry-level position is that of a Clinical Research Associate (CRA). The role of a CRA is varied,

    They are key participants in the design, implementation and monitoring of clinical trials

    They shoulder the responsibility of planning and implementing all activities required to conduct and monitor complex clinical trials and ensure that Good Clinical Practices are followed.

    They assist in preparation of presentations and manuscripts of scientific meetings and technical journals and attend scientific/professional meetings and training courses as appropriate.

    CRM are Clinical Research Managers,
    They supervise design and writing of protocols, case report forms and informed consent forms for clinical trials. They ensure that Case Report Forms are reviewed in a timely fashion and submitted to the data management group. There are other posts too such as Clinical Research Coordinator, Business Development Manager, Clinical Research Investigator, Clinical Data Manager etc.

    In Pharmacovigilance you can Start your Career as Drug Safety Associate, Safety Processing Expert.


    There is high demand for trained professionals in this field; the pay package is impressive at the entry level.

    Fresher can expect a pay package of around three lac or more per annum.
    If you have a master’s degree backing your qualifications, then the salary may be a more considerable by the employer.
    Clinical research is an industry where experience counts, thus the longer you are in this field; higher the salary you can expect.

    Growth Prospects

    There are various growth opportunities along the way for those willing to learn. For those interested in serious research work can also join Phd and get into further research.
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