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Getting a Job in Leading MNCs are a tedious task, specially if you had a break just after your college.  Clini India continued learning program include one broad range of program- APCRM that provide pharma, Life science and Medical  graduates with academic enrichment and best fit to enter into clinical research industry. Program that provide extended learning opportunities can be selected Full time, Part time or Online. You can select the program based upon your career plan and convenience. They also can be grouped according to their purposes. Well planned and coordinated short term program can support learning while providing effective, positive industry knowledge for Clinical Research and Bio Pharma Industry.

Research suggests that regular participation in learning programs that provide academic and social activities contribute positively to once professional career and social development.


    Join our community of learners and elevate your career in clinical research.


    • Full Time- 3 Months ( Mon- Fri)
    • Part Time-6 Months (Weekends)
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