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Clini India is India’s leading Pharmacovigilance Course Training Institute based in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai. Those who are seeking a role in drug safety or pharmacovigilance should hold a life sciences, pharmacy or medical degree. Eligibility-  This course covers a variety of important aspects of the career, including reporting, report writing, signal detection and risk management, as well as providing a thorough understanding of the regulatory bodies around the world. For anyone looking to find a job in pharmacovigilance or drug safety, previous experience in the industry is of great value. Alternatively, a clinical background and first-hand experience with adverse reactions can be advantageous so nurses and pharmacists can also be attractive candidates. A career in drug safety and pharmacovigilance will generally start with a position as a drug safety associate, officer, scientist or coordinator. Responsibilities will then progress to senior specialist or management roles, often with an in-depth knowledge of a specialty area, such as medical writing, auditing, medical affairs or quality assurance. Finding a pharmacovigilance job or drug safety position abroad can also be a great opportunity for those seeking a career in this sector and opportunities are prevalent, although generally in the larger companies. Remuneration for a position in drug safety and pharmacovigilance can vary greatly, with factors including the company, the location, the candidate’s experience and the requirements of the role. What jobs are available in drug safety and pharmacovigilance? Jobs in drug safety and pharmacovigilance exist in both permanent and contract arrangements. Temporary agreements can last from three to 12 months, with many of these positions being for drug safety medical writers or interim pharmacovigilance physicians.
  • Drug safety associates and officers monitor and track adverse events and reactions, as well as other medically related product information.
  • Senior pharmacovigilance consultants process adverse event reports sourced from various studies. The information that is gathered is then submitted to the regulatory authorities.
  • Drug safety managers and directors organise the processing and reporting on drug safety reports and review trial-related documents in order to monitor the drug safety profile of specific products. Responsible for medical case reviews and assessing product safety in clinical trials, drug safety physicians work to assess and obtain information about the safety of products.
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